Dr zeinolabedin sadeghi

Associate Professor of Energy Economics

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Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman Postal code 7616914111, Kerman, Iran, Email address: z_sadeghi@uk.ac.ir


 UNIVERSITY OF ISFAHAN, Department of Economics

Doctoral Degree Energy Economics (Thesis: Self-Rationing Approach in Electrical Load Management - the Iranian Cement Industries) , From 2003 To 2008

 UNIVERSITY OF ISFAHAN, Department of Economics

Master's Degree , From 2001 To 2003


 Editor-in-Chief, Journal ofStrategic Studies on Energy Economics(SSEE)

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, KermanTIran, From 2019 To Present


 Energy Economics, Energy Policy Modeling, Electricity Economics



Intermediate level



Associate Professor in Energy economics, and Natural resources and environmental economics, From 2017 To Present


Journal papers

1. Zeinolabedin ,Sadeghi, · Yahya Hatami, · Seyed Abdolmajid Jalaei &· Amir Abdollahi,, Generation capacity expansion economic-environmental planning under uncertainty of demand and supply

Environment Systems and Decisions, 2020

2. Zeinolabedin Sadeghi, Hamid Reza Horry, Sadegh Khazaee, An economic evaluation of Iranian natural gas export to Europe through proposed pipelines

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3. , Solar photovoltaic power plants in five top oil-producing countries in Middle East: A case study in Iran

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 69, 1271–1280, 2017

4. Z. Sadeghi, H. Horri & A. Mohammad Mirzaee, Structural decomposition analysis of Iran emission: Input – Output Approaches

Journal of Applied Economics Studies in Iran, 3, 10, 2014

5. Z. Sadeghi & H. R. Amir Mahani, Feasibility Study of Commissioning a Power Capacity Market for High-Consuming Customers in Iran energy Stock

Journal of Monetary & Financial Economics, 21, 7, 2014

6. A. Izadi , M. Ebrahimi Nezhad Rafsanjani & Z. Sadeghi, Spatial Zonation Earthquake Using GIS Software and Techniques Multi-Criteria Decision Making in the City Zarand

Quarterly of Geography (Regional Planning), 4, 2, 2014

7. P. Khajehpour, A. Khodamipour & Z. Sadeghi, The Impact of an Aggressive Working Capital Management Policy on Profitability of firms listed in Tehran stock exchange

BRIS Journal of Advances in Science & Technology, mar., 2014

8. Z. Sadeghi, Z. Dalalbashi Esfahani & H. Horri, Prioritize the factors affecting the location of renewable energy plants (solar and wind energy) in Kerman province using GIS and multi-criteria decision-making techniques

Journal of Energy Planning and Policy Research, 1, 2, 2013

9. S. Sadrzadeh Moghadam , Z. Sadegi & A. Ghods Elahi, Estimated Energy Demand Function and Substitution Elasticity between Inputs in Industry Section: Seemingly Unrelated Regression Estimation

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10. Z. Sadeghi , Sh. Golestani & Ebafrani, Study of Energy Price-Induced Effects on Technological Changes in Iran’s Industrial Plants and Assessing Environmental Outcomes

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11. M, Dinmohammadi , Z. Sadeghi; R. Sadeghian Bafqi & H. Ghasemi, Policy Analysis and Estimation of the Optimal Share of Natural Gas Vehicles in Iran with Providing a System Dynamic Model

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12. M. Bahar moghadam, Z. Sadeghi & H. Sobhani, Predicting Cash Return and Cost Return of Stock Using Artificial Neutral Network and Autoregressive Model in Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

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14. M, Dinmohammadi , Z. Sadeghi; R. Sadeghian Bafqi & H. Ghasemi, Dynamic Simulation of the Development of Natural Gas Vehicles in Iran

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15. R. Zeynalzadeh , Z. Sadeghi, M. Dehghanpour & M. Ghaedi, Economic and environmental evaluation of photovoltaic (solar) systems: case study South East of Iran

Quarterly Energy Economics review, 9, 33, 2012

16. A., Mollahosseini, B. Jabarzadeh Karbasi & Z. Sadeghi, Investigating the Influential Factors on Purchase Intention the ‘Gray Market’ Goods in South-East of Iran

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17. A. Khodamipour, Z. Sadeghi & M. Asgari, Investigating Effect of Acquisition on Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Target Companies in Iran

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18. A. Sharifi, Z. Sadeghi, R. Khoshakhlagh, and M. Hamedani Golshan, Study of the Effects of Subscribed Capacity Market on Iran’s Cement Industry Power Cost by using Self-Rationing Method

Journal of Economic Research, 45, 92, 2010

19. A. Shakibayi; Z. Sadeghi & H. Aama Bandaqarayi, The Effect Of Applying The Real Price Of Energy On The Elasticity Of Energy Demand And Estimating Energy Substitution Elasticity In The Industrial Sector In The Long Run (A Case Study: Industrial Factory Including More Than 50 Worker From 1995-2006)

journal of Iran's economic essays6, 6, 11, 2009

20. A. Sharifi, R. Khoshakhlagh, M. Hamedani Golshan, and Z. Sadeghi, An Introduction to Economic Techniques of Load Management: Self-Rationing Approach

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21. A. Jalaee, Z. Sadeghi & H. Aama Bandaqarayi, Estimating the Substitution Elasticities between Commodity Import, Labor Force and Capital Usage In Iran (Using Translog Cost Function)

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22. Ma. Sameti, Mo. Sameti, Z. Sadeghi & J. Gazery, Studying The Effects of Privatization on Efficiency of Wheat Storing Units of Iran's Governmental Commercial Company-case Study of Fifth Region (North Khorasan, Razavi Khorasan & South Khorasan Provinces)

Iranian Journal of Trade Studies (IJTS), 11, 44, 2007


 Microsoft office, Eviews Software , ArcGIS Software


Courses in past semesters

 Power System Economics (Doctoral Degree)

 Natural resources and environmental economics (Doctoral Degree)

 Energy Pricing (Master's Degree)

 Energy Systems Modeling (Master's Degree)