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PhD of public policy (university of tehran) assistant professor of public policy at Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman www.yahyakamali.ir

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+98 34 31213287


yahyakamali@uk.ac.ir yahyakamali@yahoo.com


Room 213-faculty of law and theology- shahid bahonar university of Kerman- pazhohesh square- Kerman- Iran


 University of Tehran

Doctoral Degree public policy ,

Honors and awards

 Superior Ph.D. Graduate in accordance with the criteria of the National Elite Foundation of Iran

 Major researcher of political science department and law faculty of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman during the week of research in 2017


 research methods, public policy, foreign policy, sustainable development, administrative integrity



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1. yahya kamali, public policy: an introduction

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2. yahya kamali and majid ehteshami, integrated policy making for sustainable development(translation)

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3. OECD yahya kamali (translation), Insitutionalizing sustainable development

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Journal papers

1. Yahya Kamali and Sedighe Sheikhzadeh Jooshani, Reasoning in Foreign Policy Making from the Analogy Perspective: The Case Study of Iran’s Nuclear Issue

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6. Zeinab Yeganeh Keya, Shahrzad Faryadi, Ahmadreza Yavari, Yahya Kamali, Afshin Alizadeh Shabani, Habitat Suitability & Connectivity of Alborz Wild Sheep in the East of Tehran, Iran

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Conference papers

1. Yahya Kamali, Presenting a stage model of Meta policy making for tourism development in Iran

4th World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality-2017, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2017

2. Yahya Kamali, Policy Analysis Methods for Sustainable Development

USM-AUT International Conference-2012, Malaysia, 2012, 2012


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