Dr hassan haji amin shirazi

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hshirazi@uk.ac.ir, shirazi.hha@gmail.com, shirazi_hha@yahoo.com


 Nottingham, England

Doctoral Degree Flotation- Mineral processing (Thesis: Application of image analysis to industrial minerals flotation) , From 1994 To 1997


 Flotation froth



Advanced level

Persian (Farsi)

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Journal papers

1. Garmsiri, M.R., Haji Amin Shirazi, H. and Yarahmadi, M.R., An Analysis of the Influence of Cylinder Dimension Ratio and Lifting Velocity on the Slump Test Results

Applied Rheology, 25, 1- 8, 2015

2. Hosseini, M.R., Haji Amin Shirazi, H., Massinaei, M. and Mehrshad, N., Modeling the Relationship between Froth Bubble Size and Flotation Performance Using Image Analysis and Neural Networks

Chemical Engineering Communications, 202, 911-919, 2015

3. Garmsiri, M.R. and Haji Amin Shirazi, H., The effect of grain size on flocculant preparation

Minerals Engineering, 65, 51- 53, 2014

4. Garmsiri, M.R., Haji Amin Shirazi, H., The effect of properties of the suspension of copper processing tailings on shear yield stress and its significance to solids liquid separation

Journal of Separation Science and Engineering, 5, 2, 67- 75, 2014

5. Garmsiri, M.R. and Haji Amin Shirazi, H., A new approach to define batch settling curves for analyzing the sedimentation

JME, Journal of Mining and Environment, 3, 2, 103- 111, 2012

6. Qaredaqi, M., Haji Amin Shirazi H., Abdollahi, H.,, Comparison of Yianatos and traditional methods to determine kinetic rate constants of different size fractions in industrial rougher cells

International Journal of Mineral Processing, 106- 109, 65- 69, 2012