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Journal papers

1. Seyed Hamid Seyed bagheri; Mahlagha Dehghan; Hamid Reza Alavi; Sedigheh Iranmanesh; Hadi Khoshab, Burst Out of the Dead Land by the Help of Spirituality: A Case Study of Living with Blindness and Cancer

Journal of Religion and Health, 56, 3, 896-906, 2017

2. Saideh Javid; Hamid Reza Alavi; Masood Fazilat Pour, The Relationship Between Religious Commitment with Metacognitive Skills and Philosophical Mindedness of the Graduate Students of Kerman City Universities in the Academic Year 2011-2012

Journal of Religion and Health, 54, 3, 943-953, 2015

3. Fatemeh Poorshekhali; Hamid Reza Alavi, Correlation of Parents’ Religious Behavior with Family’s Emotional Relations and Students’ Self-actualization

Journal of Religion and Health, 54, 1, 235-241, 2015

4. Hamidreza Alavi; Tahereh Rahimi Pour, Correlation of Managers’ Value System and Students’ Moral Development in High Schools and Pre-University Centers

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7. Hamid Reza Alavi, Correlatives of Happiness in the University Students of Iran (A Religious Approach)

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9. Hamidreza Alavi; Ramazan Jahandari, Organizational Climate of Kerman Shahid Bahonar University and its Comparison with the Desired Organizational Climate from the Viewpoints of the Personnel (Staff) of this University

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13. Hamid Reza Alavi, “Man and God” in Iranian and English poems and the Holy Qur’an

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