Dr Saeid R. Seydnejad

Associate Professor

Contacts information


+98-34-3132 2507




 Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine - London-UK

Doctoral Degree Electrical Eng. ,

 Sharif University of Technology - Tehran - IRAN

Master's Degree Electrical Eng. ,

 Sistan & Baluchestan University - Zahedan - IRAN

Bachelor's Degree Electrical Eng. ,


 Office of International Relations, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Director, From 2014 To Present

 Energy and Environment Research Institute, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Director, From 2010 To 2012


Journal papers

1. Pourya Alinezhad, Saeid R.Seydnejad, Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam, DOA estimation in conformal arrays based on the nested array principles

Digital Signal Processing - Elsevier, will appear, 2016

2. Ebrahimi R., Seydnejad S.R., Wideband Laguerre Adaptive Array with Pre-steering Constraints

IET Signal Processing Journal, Volume:9 , Issue: 7, 2015

3. Saeid R. Seydnejad, Reconstruction of the input signal of the leaky integrate-and-fire neuronal model from its interspike intervals

Biological Cybernetics - Springer, 2015

4. Seydnejad S.R. Akhzari M.S., Performance evaluation of pre- and post-FFT beamforming methods in pilot-assisted SIMO-OFDM systems

Telecommunication Systems, March, 2015

5. Karimi F., Seydnejad S.R., Velocity Selective Neural Signal Recording Using A space-Time Electrode Array

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation, 99, 2014

6. Seydnejad S.R., Real-Time Identification of Time-Varying ARMAX Systems Based on Recursive Update of Its Parameters

ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 136, 0310171 - 03101710, 2014

7. Asadollahi-Yazdi E. Seydnejad S.R., Post-FFT Beamforming in a Pilot-Assisted MIMO-OFDM System

Springer Wireless Pers Commun, 79, 2195–2208, 2014

8. Rasekh M. Seydnejad S.R., Design of an Adaptive Wideband Beamforming Algorithm for Conformal Arrays

IEEE Communication Letters, 1955 - 1958, 2014

9. Seydnejad S.R. Olumi M.M. Mosayebi-Samani M. Sheibani V., A Long-Range, Implantable Telemetry Systems for Chronic Neural Recording

Instrumentation Science and Technology,Taylor & Francis, 41, 1-17, 2013

10. Ebrahimi R. Seydnejad S.R., Elimination of Pre-Steering Delays in Space-Time Broadband Beamforming Using Frequency Domain Constraints

IEEE Communications Letters, 17, 4, 769-772, 2013

11. Seydnejad S.R. Ebrahimi R., Broadband Beamforming Using Laguerre Filters

Elsevier Signal Processing Journal, 92, 1093–1100, 2012

Conference papers

1. , Numerous Number of National and International Conference Papers



Current semester courses

 Adaptive Filters (Master's Degree)

 System Identification (Master's Degree)

 Sensor Array Signal Processing (Master's Degree)

 Microprocessor Systems (Bachelor's Degree)

 Subspace System Identification (Doctoral Degree)

 Adaptive Filters (Doctoral Degree)

 Speech Processing (Master's Degree)

Courses in past semesters

 Electric Circuits I (Bachelor's Degree)

 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement (Bachelor's Degree)

 Signal and Systems (Bachelor's Degree)

Courses of interest

 Phyiological System Modeling and Identification (Master's Degree)

 Software Defined Radio (Master's Degree)