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Sadegh Karimi - PhD Assistant Professor of Climatology Department of Geography Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman Add: Iran, Kerman, Shahid Bahonar University, Department of Geography P.O.C: 76169-13439 Tel: +98-34-31322409 Fax: +98-34-33257264 98-34-33257264+ :Fax Emails: karimi.s.climatologist@uk.ac.ir karimi.s.climatologist@gmail.com karimi_sadegh@yahoo.com Web: http://academicstaff.uk.ac.ir/sakarimi Orcid.org/0000-0002-9547-7172

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Department of Geography, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran. P.O.C: 76169-13439


 University of Sistan and Baluchestan (USB)

Doctoral Degree Climatology , From 2008 To 2012

Investigation of Relationships between Synoptic-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Variations of Tropospheric Ozone Concentration in Tehran Metropolitan

 University of Sistan and Baluchestan (USB)

Master's Degree Climatology (Thesis: The Impact of Arctic Oscillation Index on the Occurrence Freezing phenomenon in Iran. (Case Study: Shahr-e-kurd)) , From 2004 To 2007

 Kharazmi University (KHU)

Bachelor's Degree Urban Geography (Thesis: No) , From 1999 To 2003

Honors and awards

 Elected 11th Literary Olympiad (Province)

Elected 11th Literary Olympiad in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province in 1998

 Graduated from the country's elite work. Master's degree in 2007

Graduated from the country's elite undergraduate degree based on scientific, research and educational indicators in January 2007 and member of the National Elite Foundation

 First rank of graduate student and talented member of Sistan and Baluchestan University

 The owner of the book titled "The Role of Geographic Factors in Selecting Governmental Institutions and Capitals of Iran"

The Book of the Seasons of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Book House, Fall 2009, Tehran.


 Climatology, Urban Climate, Biological Climatology, Climate Hazards, Air Pollution



Advanced level


Intermediate level



1. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Behnam Moghani.R, Marzieh Afzali, Sustainable Architecture and Smart Buildings Adapting to Climate (New Approaches in Modern Smart Architecture of Cities)

Hamara, Shiraz, 2017

2. Dr. Behnam Moghani.R, Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Healthy City With an Ecological Approach

Hamara, Shiraz, 2017

3. Dr Benam Moghani.R, Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Zahra Purbar, Seyyedeh Fatemeh Hossieni, Agricultural Management of Natural Disasters in Urban and Rural Areas

Rastina, Shiraz, 2017

4. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Hossein Ghazanfarpour, Principles & fundamentals of LiDAR Remote Sensing

Noor Elm, Tehran, 2013

5. Dr. GholamReza Noori, Dr. Alireza Shahryari, Maliheh Erfani, Sadegh Karimi, Atlas of Plant and Animal Index Species of Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Sepehr, Tehran, 2010

6. Mohamad Hossein Nami, Alireza Abbasi Semnani, Yaghoob Zallaghi, Sadegh Karimi, The Role of Geographical Factors in Selecting Institutions and the Capital of the Iranian Government

National Geographical Organization (Sepehr), Tehran, 2009

7. GholamReza Noori, Sdegh Karimi, Marzieh Afzali, Learn step by step software ArcView GIS (Basic Concepts and Introductory level)

Sepehr, Tehran, 2009

Journal papers

1. Dr. Rasol Afzali, Rezgar HamzehPour, Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Ahmad Pourahmad, Investigate of Extant Laws and the Performance Agencies Charge of the Optimal Management of Urban Wastes (Case Study: Tehran Metropolis)

Regional Planning Iranian-Persian Journal), 6, 4(24), 101-114, 2016

2. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Maryam Rastakhiz, Somayyeh Seddigh, rend Analysis of Time Series of Daily and Nightly Temperatures in Kerman Urban Station during the Period 2010-1961

Nivar (Iranian-Persian Journal), 39, 2(90-91), 45-54, 2016

3. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Marzieh Afzali, Majid Mansorian.K, Geographical Location and Climate of the Persian Gulf in the Formation and Development of the Ancient Civilizations of South and South-West Regions of Iran

The Iranian Studies (Iranian-Persian Journal), 14, 2(28), 209-228, 2015

4. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Razieh Javdani, Dr. Mahmood Khosravi, Dr. Taghi Tavosi, Reaction of Growth Season Against Climatic Drought and Wet Year (Case study: Iranshahr and Nikshahr)

Geography and Development (Iranian-Persian Journal), 12, 4(37), 1-14, 2014

5. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Synoptic Analysis of Tropospheric Ozone Variations (Case Study: Tehran Metropolitan)

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6. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Zahra Karimi, Monitoring and Assessment of Droughts by Meteorological Indices in Kerman

Journal of Geography (Regional Planning) (Iranian-Persian Journal), 3, 3, 115-128, 2013
(Special Issue)

7. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Marzieh Afzali, Application of Shared Nearest Neighbor Algoritm to Identification of Climate Teleconnection Patterns

Journal of Geography (Regional Planning) (Iranian-Persian Journal), 3, 3, 73-86, 2013

8. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr Hossien Negaresh, Dr. Taghi Tavosi, Dr. Buhlool Alijani, Systematic Analysis of Tropospheric Ozone Cycle In Cybernetic Climate System (Case Study: Tehran Metropolitan)

Journal of Geography (Iranian-Persian Journal), 11, 2(37), 189-215, 2013

9. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Hossein Negaresh, Dr. Taghi Tavosi, Dr. Buhlool Alijani, Synoptic Analysis of Sweeping Cold Waves of Iran (Case Study: 21Dec2004-18Feb 2005)

Geography and Development (Iranian-Persian Journal), 10, 4(29), 55-76, 2012

10. Dr Sadegh Karimi, Dr Hamid Nazaripour, Marzieh Afzali, Homograft Effect of AO, CP and Geo_Potential Variations on Winter Climate of Iran (Case Study: Southern Coast of Mazandaran Sea)

Journal of Geography (Regional Planning) (Iranian-Persian Journal), 2, 3(4), 27-35, 2012

11. Dr. Isa EbrahimZadeh, Sadegh Karimi, Coastal Management and Environmental development of Chabahar

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12. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Mahmood Khusravi, <arzieh Afzali, Pressure Patterns Investigation Dominant in Shahr-e-Kurd 75 Station, Using the Correlation Matrix

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13. Dr. Mahmood Khosravi, Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Mohammad Saligheh, The Relationship between Arctic Oscillation Index and Temprature Variabilities in Shahr-e-kurd station

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15. Dr.. Sadegh Karimi, Simulation of Runoff Using by Neural- Wavelet Network (Case Study: Catchment of Khersan3 River)

Water Resources Engineering (Iranian-Persian Journal), 8, 1(24), 1-14, 1394

Conference papers

1. Maryam Eslami, Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Investigating the Possibility of Modeling Fractal Theory in Urban Growth and Development Models and Urban Planning

The International Urban Managment Congress, Tehran, 1, 1-12, 2015

2. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, International Congress Geography and Sustainable Development 0 The Relationship Between Changes in Mortality with Temperature Change and Urban air Pollutants (Case Study: Kerman City)

International Congress Geography and Sustainable Development, Shiraz, 1, 1-11, 2015

3. Tahereh Momeni.A, Dr. Sadegh Karimi, The Destructive Effects of Tropospheric Ozone on Crops

National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Kohdasht, 1, 1-15, 2015

4. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Yaser Sabahi.G, Amir Hesampour, The Role of Effective Climate Factors on the Two-way Immigration of the Northern JebalBarez Village to Jiroft County

The 2nd Scientific Conference on Modern Horizons in Geography and Planning, Architecture and Urban Science of Iran (NICONF), Tehran, 2, 1-14, 2015

5. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Mostafa Khabbazi, System Analysis and How to Concentrate and Disseminate Factors in Asian Immigrant Anti-Cyclones

The National Conference on Horizon Scanning of the Earth with an Emphasis on Climate, Agriculture and Environment, Shiraz, 1, 1-6, 2015

6. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Investigation of Frostbite Destructive Effects on Potato (Case Study: County of Anbarabad, Kerman)

National Conference on Climate Change, Engineering for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hamedan, 1, 1-8, 2014

7. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Human Factors, Environmental and Climatic Hazards Affecting Oak Forest Destruction (Case Study: Felard in the Lordegan County)

1st National Conference of Oak Forests (NCOF 2014), Yasouj, 1, 1-6, 2014

8. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Mohammad Khajeh.B, Khadijeh AtashZar, Investigation of Temperature Circumstances suitable for Maintain Chico Fruit, Proportional with the Climate Change

2nd National Conference on Climate Change and Food Security, Isfahan, 2, 1-10, 2014

9. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Moslem Ghasemi, Parisa Rahimi, Climate analysis Design of spaces in the architectural style of historical monuments of Kerman province Case study: Old Bam and Rhine Castle

National Conference of Urban Planning, Urban Management & Sustainable Development, Tehran, 1, 1-10, 2014

10. Dr.Sadegh Karimi, Marzieh Afzali, Parisa Rahimi, Role of the Demographic Characteristics of Urban Old Texture in its Rehabilitation and Renovation (Case Study: Kerman City)

The first International conference on sustainable urban structure, Tehran, 1, 70-79, 2014

11. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Majid Mansorian, Investigate the Effects of Climate Change on Chickpea Product Performance (Case study: Semnan province)

National Conference on Climate Change, Engineering for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hamedan, 1, 1-7, 2014

12. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Majid Mansorian, Determine the Natural Seasons in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province

Iranian Conference of Geographical Sciences, Trhran, 1, 82-89, 2014

13. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Dr. Azita Rajabi, Marzieh Afzali, The Threat of Natural and Human Risks from the Perspective of the Collective Memory of the Inhabitants of Urban Old Areas (Case Study: Qal-eh Square in Kerman)

The Second National Conference of Architecture, Construction and Urban Environment, Hamedan, 2, 1-10, 2014

14. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Moslem Ghasemi, Analysis of the Role of Climate in the Architectural Style, Elements and Process of Mo-Ayyedi Ice Creation in Kerman

The Second National Conference of Architecture, Construction and Urban Environment, Hamedan, 2, 1-8, 2014

15. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini, Dr. Alireza Karbasi, Marzieh Afzali, Investigation of Climate Effect on Tourism Demand Function using ARDL Model (Case: Kerman Province)

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16. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Razieh Javdani, Najmeh Fakhri.R, Mina Sedghi, The Relationship Between Output Power of Pasture with Time Range of Precipitation (Case Study: Iranshahr County)

NCCI, Kerman, 1, 1-11, 2013

17. Dr. Sadegh Karimi, Majid Mansorian, Drought Evaluation of Effect on ِDry&Wet-Wheat in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province

First National Conference on Medicinal Plants and Sustainable Agriculture, Hamedan, 1, 1-14, 2013

18. Dr. GholamReza Nori, Razieh Javdani, Sadegh Karimi, Khaled Ghaderi, Investigating the effect of precipitation fluctuations on the production of agricultural products in the southeast of Iran during the years 1389-1389 (Case: Iranshahr City)

4th International Congress of the Islamic World Geographers (ICIWG) 14-16 April 2010-Zahedan-Iran), Zahedn, 4, 1-12, 2010

19. Sadegh Karimi, Marzieh Afzali, Razieh Afzali, Geographic Analysis of spatial distribution of Iran Capital Cities According To ”Spatial-Time-Phenomena” Together

4th International Congress of the Islamic World Geographers (ICIWG) 14-16 April 2010-Zahedan-Iran), Zahedan, 4, 1-17, 2010

20. Dr. GholamReza Nori, Dr. Mahmood Khosravi, Razieh Javdani, Sadegh Karimi, Appointment of Drought connection with Amount 0f Pasture in Sistan and Balouchestan Province 1991 -2007 (Case: Iranshahr Township)

4th International Congress of the Islamic World Geographers (ICIWG) 14-16 April 2010-Zahedan-Iran), Zahedan, 4, 1-11, 2010

21. Dr. GholamReza Noori, Dr. Mahmood Khosravi, Razieh Javdani, Sadegh Karimi, Investigation of Drought Effects Using SPI Index on Distribution of Rangelands in Nikshahr County

National Conference on Geography, Development, Defense and Security in the South East of the IRAN, Tehran, 1, 1-14, 2010

22. Dr. Issa EbrahimZadeh, Sadegh Karimi, Tourism and Coastal Zone Environmental Management Case Study of Chabahar

International Conference on Resource Development and Environmental Change: Emerging Issues and Challenges (27th to 29th January, 2009), India, 1, 1-6, 2009


 Climatology, Urban Climate, Air Pollution, Natural Hazards