Dr neda ebrahimi

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 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Bachelor's Degree pure mathematics , From 1999 To 2003

 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Master's Degree Pure mathematics, geometry (Thesis: Geodesics connecting point and line) , From 2003 To 2005

 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Doctoral Degree Pure mathematics, geometry (Thesis: a generalization of strong causality) , From 2005 To 2009


 geometry, mathematical physics



Advanced level



1. ندا ابراهیمی, A generalization of Lie theory

Lap Lambert, آلمان, 2012

Journal papers

1. N. Ebrahimi, Causally simple spacetimes and Domain theory

, Cankaya University, Journal of Science and Engineering, 11, 1-6, 2014

2. N. Ebrahimi, Some observations on cosmological time functions

Journal of Mathematical Physics, 54, 052503, 2013

3. N. Ebrahimi, Left inveriant vector fields of a class of top spaces

APPS, 14, 37-44, 2012

4. N. Ebrahimi, Exponential map of a class of top spaces

JMMRC, 1, 1, 47-54, 2012

5. N. Gerami and N. Ebrahimi, A generalization of Strong Causality

Journal of Dynamical systems and geometric theories, 8, 1, 37-47, 2010

Conference papers

1. N. Ebrahimi and Z. Nazari, Fuzzy topological generalized groups

45th annual Iranian mathematics conference, سمنان, 0

2. N. Ebrahimi and Z. Nazari, , frames of rank 0 on local top spaces

45th annual Iranian mathematics conference, سمنان, 0

3. N. Ebrahimi and M. Jamshidi, Homomorphism on local top spaces

Caucasian Mathematics Conference, تفلیس, 0

4. N. Ebrahimi and M. Jamshidi, A new causal ladder in general relativity

Caucasian Mathematics Conference, تفلیس, 0

5. N. Ebrahimi, Volume time functions and K- causality

, International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, استانبول, 0


Current semester courses

 Differential Geometry (Bachelor's Degree)

 Calculus (Bachelor's Degree)

Courses in past semesters

 Geometry of Manifolds (Master's Degree)



Past students

 Fahime Khaje hasani

Stability of gelobal hyperbolicity in interval topology, 2012, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

 mina Jahani

Lorentzian causality with continuous metric, 2012, Sahahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Class schedules

 calculus 1

- Saturday 08:00 To 10:00

 calculus 1

- Monday 08:00 To 10:00

 calculus 1

- Saturday 10:00 To 12:00

 calculus 1

- Monday 10:00 To 12:00

 geometry 1

- Sunday 11:30 To 01:30

 geometry 1

- Tuesday 11:30 To 01:30