Dr Majid Nemati


Associate Professor of Department of Geology, Faculty of Science and Deputy of Earthquake Research Center of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Contacts information


+98 34 33222035




 University of Tehran

Doctoral Degree Institute of Geophysics , From 2007 To 2011

 Isfahan University of Technology

Bachelor's Degree Mine Faculty (Thesis: Technology in Mine Engineering) , From 1992 To 1996

 University of Tehran

Master's Degree Institute of Geophysics in earthquake seismology , From 2004 To 2006


 Installing and working with Guralp Medium Band seismometers

Guralp LTD, England, From 2006 To Present

10 Days




Advanced level


 Geology Faculty of Science and Earthquake Research Center of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Asseciate Professor of Department, From 2010 To present

 Geological Survey of Iran, Seismotectonics group

expert, From 1999 To 2010

 Coal mines in Tabas (East of Iran)

Mine engineer, From 1996 To 1999


Journal papers

1. Nemati, M., Insights into the aftershocks and interseismicity of some large Persian earthquakes

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ISSN: 1016-1104, (Under press).

2. Nemat, M., Intermediate-term variations in 200 years seismicity at north of Iran

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(in Persian)

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Under press in Annals of Geophysics, doi:10.4401, ag-6665, 2015

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Environmental Earth Science, 2014
DOI: 10.1007/s12665-014-3896-z

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(in Persian)

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(in Persian)

14. Nemati, M., Hatzfeld, D., Gheitanchi, M., Sadidkhouy, and Mirzaei, N., Detailed crustal discontinuities, seismotectonic and seismicity parameters of the east Alborz, Iran, Is flower structure as subsurface fault geometry?

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Iranian Quarterly Journal of Geology, 24, 55-65, 2011
(in Persian)

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Conference papers

1. Nemati, M., Crustal structure of southeast of Caspian Sea, north of Persia, Using local seismological network data

IAHS IAPSO IASPEI Assembly, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013

2. Nemati, M. and Oveisi, B., Microseismicity and morphotectonics of a part of middle Zagros, Iran

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FRINGE-2011 Workshop, Roma, Italy, 2011

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