Dr mahdi khorasani pour



Intermediate level


Journal papers

1. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Environmental mineralogy of Cu-porphyry mine tailings, a case study of semi-arid climate conditions, Sarcheshmeh mine, SE Iran.

Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 153, 40-52, 2015

2. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Esmat Esmaeilzadeh, Geo-genic arsenic contamination in the Kerman Cenozoic Magmatic Arc, Kerman,Iran: Implications for the source identification and regional analysis.

Applied Geochemistry, --, --, --, 2015

3. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Afsar Eslami, Hydrogeochemistry and Contamination of Trace Elements in Cu-Porphyry Mine Tailings: A Case Study from the Sarcheshmeh Mine, SE Iran.

Mine Water and the Environment, 33, 335–352, 2014

4. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Afsar Eslami, Determination of Elements Leachability from Sarcheshmeh Porphyry Copper Mine Tailings: Application of Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Environ. Process, 1, 4, 387–403, 2014

5. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Majid H. Tangestani, Reza Naseh, Hamid Hajmohammadi, Chemical Fractionation and Contamination Intensity of Trace Elements in Stream Sediments at the Sarcheshmeh Porphyry Copper Mine, SE Iran.

Mine Water and the Environment, 31, 3, 199-213, 2012

6. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Alijan Aftabi, Environmental geochemistry of toxic heavy metals in soils around Sarcheshmeh porphyry copper mine smelter plant, Rafsanjan, Kerman, Iran.

Environmental Earth Sciences, 62, 3, 449-465, 2011

7. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Majid H. Tangestani, Reza Naseh, Hamid Hajmohammadi, Hydrochemistry, mineralogy and chemical fractionation of mine and processing wastes associated with porphyry copper mines: A case study from the Sarcheshmeh mine, SE Iran.

Applied Geochemistry, 26, 5, 714-730, 2011

8. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Farid Moore, Reza Naseh, Lime Treatment of Mine Drainage at the Sarcheshmeh Porphyry Copper Mine, Iran.

Mine Water and the Environment, 30, 3, 216-230, 2011

9. Mehdi Khorasanipour, Majid H. Tangestani, Reza Naseh, Application of multivariate statistical methods to indicate the origin and geochemical behavior of potentially hazardous elements in sediment around the Sarcheshmeh copper mine, SE Iran.

Environmental Earth Sciences, 66, 2, 589–605, 0