Dr Hadis Mohseni

Assistant Professor - Computer Engineering Department

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 Design and Implmentation of an Embedded Linux based Internet Kiosk

Adavnced Information & Communication Technology Research Center (AICTC) of Sharif University, Tehran, Iran, From 2003 To 2005

 Automatic diagnosis of dental caries

Dentistry Department of Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran, From 2009 To 2010

 Automatic Landmark Localization Software

Dentistry Department of Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran, From 2007 To 2008


 Statistical Pattern Recognition

 Image and Video Processing

 Medical Signal Processing


Journal papers

1. H. Mohseni, S. Kasaei, Multiview Face Recognition Based on Multilinear Decomposition and Pose Manifold

IET Image Processing, 8, 5, 300-309, 2014

2. H. Mohseni, S. Kasaei, Head pose estimation and face recognition using a non-linear tensor-based model

IET Computer Vision, 8, 1, 54-65, 2014

3. . Farahani, H. Etebarian, H. Mohseni, N. Sahebani, H. Aminian, Use of machine vision system for evaluation of bio-control potential of two antagonistic yeasts in combination with silicon against blue mold of apple fruit

Biocontrol in Plant Protection, 1, 1, 29-39, 2013
In persian

4. L. Farahani, H. Etebarian, H. Mohseni, N. Sahebani, H. Aminian, Computer-based recognition of severity of apple blue mould using RGB components

International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 3, 1, 39-45, 2012

5. S. Valizadeh, M. Goodini, S. Ehsani, H. Mohseni, F. Azimi, H. Bakhshandeh, Designing of a Computer Software for Detection of Approximal Caries in Posterior Teeth

Iranian Journal of Radiology, 0

Conference papers

1. Ali Mazeae Farahani, Hadis Mohseni, Face recognition across large pose variation using sparse representation

First International Conference on New Research Achievements in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Amirkabir University, Tehran, Iran, 2016

2. H. Mohseni, S. Kasaei, A Multi-Linear Subspace Analysis of Tensor-Based Face Representation and Recognition

International CSI Computer Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2009

3. S. Gourang, S. Chaghazardi, H. Mohseni, Development & Evaluation of a software for automatic locating cephalometric landmarks

Iranian association of oral and maxillofacial radiology Congress, Tehran, Iran, 2009

4. M. HasanZadeh, S.Kasaei, H. Mohseni, A New Fuzzy Connectedness Relation for Image Segmentation

IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICCTA), Syria, 2008

5. H.Mohseni, S. Kasaei, Automatic landmark detection in cephalometric images

IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT), Egypt, 2007

6. H.Mohseni, M. Naderan, A. Tabibiazar, Design and Implementation of a fast IP Routing Unit for Access Routers

International CSI Computer Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2004