Dr Dariush Abbasi Moghadam


Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam received the B.S. degree in Electrical engineering from Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran, in 1998 and the M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2001 and 2011, respectively, both in Electrical engineering. He was primary with the Advanced Electronic Research Center—Iran from 2001–2003 and worked on the design and analysis of satellite communication systems. In September 2004, he joined Iranian Telecommunications Company, Tehran, as a Research Engineer. He is currently with Department of Electrical Engineering at Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran. His research interests are in the area of wireless communications, Ultra Wideband communication systems, satellite communication systems, Power line communications, and Radar signal processing.

Contacts information


Abbasi.dariush <at> gmail.com , Abbasimoghadam <at> uk.ac.ir




 Advanced Researcher

Advanced Electronic Research Center, Tehran, From 2002 To 2006

 Advanced researcher

Iranian Communication Industries, Tehran, From 2006 To 2008


 Communication Theory, Wireless communication, Signal processing, Array Processing, Spacecraft design



1. M. Soleimani, Sedighi, M. Abolghasemi, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, M. Abolghasemi, Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Spacecraft Systems

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2. M. Soleimani, Sedighi, Esmaeilzadeh, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, Analysis, Measurement, Implementation and Test of Spacecraft Subsystems

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Journal papers

1. F. Saeedi, V. T. Vakili, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, Improving the Physical Layer Security in Cooperative Networks with Multiple Eavesdroppers

Would be published in Wireless Personal Communications, 55, 3, 2017

2. S.M. Mirhoseini, V.T. Vakili, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, Secure Resource Allocation for the SISO-OFDM Wiretap Channel

Would be published at IET Communications, 2017

3. D. Abbasi-Moghadam, Systematic Designing of Store and Forward Communication Payload for LEO Satellite Systems

Would be published at Electronic Indusries journal, 1-13, 2017

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15. H. Mahdipour, H. Nezamabadipour, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, M. Khademi, Joint Detection, Channel Estimation and Interference Cancellation in Downlink MC-CDMA Communication Systems Using Complex-Valued Multilayer Neural Networks

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Conference papers

1. B. Nikpour, H. Nezamabadipour, D. Abbasi-Moghadam, Proposing memetic algorithms for training set selection in imbalanced data sets

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Current semester courses

 Signal and systems (Bachelor's Degree)

 Information Theory (Master's Degree)

 Lecture Notes | Probability and Statistics in Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)

 Radar (Master's Degree)

 Spread Spectrum and CDMA (Master's Degree)

Courses in past semesters

 Coding (Master's Degree)

 Random Processes (Master's Degree)

 Digital Signal Processing (Master's Degree)

 Satellite communication (Master's Degree)

 Digital Communication (Bachelor's Degree)



Current students

 F. Bahmani

 E. Ghazizadeh

 A. Sharifzadeh

Past students


pilot contamination and its reduction effects in massive MIMO systems, 2015, Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman

 Hadis Haghighi

2015, Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman

 F. Saeidi

Improvement of physical layer security in cooperative networks, 2014, Iran University of Science and Technology

 Pourya Alinezhad

Analysis and design of nested conformal arrays, 2014, Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman

Class schedules

 Information Theory

- Sunday 11:30 To 13:30 - Tuesday 11:30 To 13:30

 Introduction to Radar Systems

- Saturday 11:30 To 13:30 - Monday 11:30 To 13:30

 Probability & Statistics

- Sunday 09:30 To 11:30 - Tuesday 09:30 To 11:30

 Digital Communication

- Saturday 09:30 To 11:30 - Monday 09:30 To 11:30