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 Environmental varibales Modeling

 Agritourism climate comfort

 Climate change and its impact on environment and human

 Bioclimatology and human Health

 Evapotranspiraion and hydrologic models



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 Journal of Agricultural Meteorology

1- Executive Director & Member of the Editorial Board, From 2012 To Present

 2- Founding member of the Research Center

Environmental and Occupational Medicine and acquired virulence factors and Member of Committee the Environmental Medical Research, From 2014 To Present

 3- Member of Board

the Iranian Society of Irrigation & Water Engineering, From 2009 To 2015

 6- Representative of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Iran in climate disasters Expert Committee, From 2008 To 2009


 Determination of Agritourism Comfort Climate Index in Iran's Synoptic Stations.

Performer, From 2010 To 2014

 2- Determination of Agritourism Comfort Climate Index in Kerman Province Synoptic Stations

Performer, From 2009 To 2010

 1- Application of Density Function in Wind Energy Potential Evaluation in Short Time Periods in Kerman, Bam and Jiroft.

performer, From 2009 To 2010


Journal papers

1. Sharafkhani, R., Khanjani, N., Bakhtiari, B., Jahani, Y., Entezarmahdi, R., Farajzadeh, H., The effect of physiological equivalent temperature index variations on mortality in Urmia (The Northwest of Iran)

Urban Climate, 100594, 32, 2020

2. Aboubakri, O., Khanjani, N., Jahani, Y., Bakhtiari, B., Mesgari, E., Projection of mortality attributed to heat and cold; the impact of climate change in a dry region of Iran, Kerman

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3. Dehghani, S., Salehnia. N., Sayari, N., Bakhtiari, B., Prediction of meteorological drought in arid and semi-arid regions using PDSI and SDSM: a case study in Fars Province, Iran.

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4. Rahim Sharafkhani, R., Khanjani, N., Bakhtiari, B., Jahani, Y., Sadegh Tabrizi, J., Moghaddam Tabrizi, F., Diurnal temperature range and mortality in Tabriz (the northwest of Iran)

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6. Qaderi, K., Bakhtiari, B., Madadi, M. R., Afzali‑Gorouh, Z. 2019, Evaluating GMDH‑based models to predict daily dew point temperature (case study of Kerman province)

Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 121, 3-4, 1-16, 2019

7. Farzaneh Zardoshti, F., Bakhtiari, B., Qaderi, K., Khanjani, M. J., Banayan, M., Design and construction of a portable smart weighing lysimeter for accurate measurement of crop water requirement

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12. Sharafkhani, R., Khanjani, N., Bakhtiari, B., Jahani, Y., Entezar Mahdi, R., Diurnal Temperature Range and Mortality in Urmia, the Northwest of Iran

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13. Bakhtiari, B., Purmusavi, Sh., Sayari, N., Impact of climate change on intensity-duration-frequency curves of precipitation (Case study: Babolsar station)

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14. Hasheminasab, F., Mousavi-Baygi, M., Alizadeh, A., Bakhtiari, B., Estimation of water requirement and crop coefficients of Calendula officinalis L. in a semi-arid climate

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15. Bakhtiari, B., Shahraki, N. and Ahmadi, M. M., Estimation Probability of Daily precipitation by using Markov Chain Models in Different Climates of Iran

Iran-Water Resources Research, 30, 44-55, 2014

16. Bakhtiari, B., Nekooamal, K., Bordbar, M. H., Rain gauge network design for Hormozgan Province in Iran

DESERT, 18, 1, 45-52., 2013

17. Bakhtiari, B., Bakhtiari, A., Determination of tourism climate index in Kerman province

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18. Bakhtiari, B., Ghahraman, N. and Rahimi, I., Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network (Case Study: Jiroft Synoptic Weather Station)

Iranian Journal of soil and water Research, 44, 1, 11-20, 2013

19. Pourhashem, M., Bakhtiari, B. and Qaderi, K., Low Flows Modeling Using Temperature and Rainfall Climatic Variables (Case Study: Eskandari Basin, Esfahan Province)

Journal of Watershed Management Research, 7, 85-100, 2013

20. Bakhtiari, B., Ghahreman, N., Liaghat, A. M., Hoogenboom, G., Evaluation of grass reference evapotranspiration models for a semiarid environment using lysimeter measurements

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21. Bakhtiari, B., Liaghat, A. M., Seasonal sensitivity analysis for climatic variables of ASCE-Penman-Monteith model in a semi-arid climate

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26. Bakhtiari, B., Bazrafshan, J. and Khanjani, M. J., Evaluation of wind energy potential based on short time 10-minute data in the regions of Kerman, Jiroft and Bam

Watershed Management Research, 100, 77-85, 0

Conference papers

1. Bakhtiari, B., Afzali Gorouh, Z., Riahi, M., Assessment of meteorological and agricultural drought indices in Khuzestan province

International Conference on Sustainable Development with focus on Agriculture, Environment and Tourism, Tabriz, Iran, 2015

2. Akbari Fard, S., Qaderi, K., Bakhtiari, B., Investigate the water cycle and genetic algorithm in optimal operation of reservoir (Case Study: Dorudzan Dam)

International conference on sustainable development, strategies and challenges With a focus on Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism, Tabriz , Iran, 2015

3. Rokhshad, A. M., Bakhtiari, B., Qaderi, K., Compare between two method performance, Markov chain Model and ICA algorithm in precipitation forecasting.

International conference on sustainable development, strategies and challenges With a focus onAgriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism,, Tabriz , Iran, 2015


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