Dr amin khezri


Department of Animal Science, Colleage of Agriculture, Bahonar University of Kerman. Address: Pajoohesh Sq., Bahonar university, Kerman 76169-14111 Iran. P.O. Box: 76169-133. Tel: (98) 34-33257442. Fax: (98) 34-33257443.

Contacts information


aminkhezri@gmail.com / akhezri@uk.ac.ir


 University of Tehran

Doctoral Degree Dairy cow nutrition & Biochemistry , From 2003 To 2007

 University of Tehran

Master's Degree Dairy cow Nutrition , From 2001 To 2003

 Bahonar University of Kerman

Bachelor's Degree Animal Science, agricultural by-products , From 1997 To 2001


 Animal nutrition, biochemistry and physiology. Nutrigenomics. Feed processing and evaluation. Byproduct and forage utilization. Feeding dairy cows to reduce environmental pollution (e.g. N , P and CH4 ). Thermal Stress.





 University of Western Australia

Research fellowship, From 2007 To 2008

Set up Rumen simulation technique(RUSITECH), Study synchronization of protein and carbohydrate. Rumen Fermentation and microbiology

 Bahonar University of Kerman

Assistant Professor, From 2009 To 2016


Journal papers

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Journal of Livestock Science and Technologies 3 (2), 27-32, 0


Current semester courses

 Advance Biochemistry (Doctoral Degree)

 Advance Protein Nutrition (Doctoral Degree)

 Principles of Animal Nutrition (Bachelor's Degree)

 Principles of Dairy Cow nutrition. (Bachelor's Degree)

Courses in past semesters

 Advances in Animal nutrition (Doctoral Degree)

 Ruminant Nutrition (Master's Degree)